Benefits and Responsibilities


Benefits and Responsibilities of Association Members

Throughout the years, churches have benefited in a variety of ways from membership in a local Association. It is for the purpose of benefiting the local church and assisting them in accomplishing their mission that the Associations exists. Some of the benefits are listed here.

Church Organization and Legal Assistance

It is incumbent on the local church to be effectively organized and legally responsible. The Salt Lake Baptist Association provides consultation, training, and leadership in a number of areas to assist our churches in being organized to serve ethically, effectively, and legally. Below are just a few of the areas in which we offer assistance.

  • Constitution and By-Laws

  • Incorporation

  • 501 C3 and other legal issues

  • Tax responsibilities, reporting, and designated funds

  • Church organization and polity

  • GuideStone Retirement for pastors and staff

Mission Opportunities, Education, and Training

Our churches desire to be on mission. The Salt Lake Baptist Association serves as a resource to assist churches in their mission effort. Churches can be on mission right outside their door by sending volunteers to work with ministries such as

  • Concern Center

  • Disaster Relief

We can also assist churches in finding mission fields both foreign and domestic as we connect them to:

  • State Mission Partnerships

  • The North American Mission Board

  • International Mission Board


It is our desire to assist churches in making the best use of their resource dollars. Through shared resources churches are able to have at their fingertips equipment that is beneficial to them from time to time but they do not have to purchase or maintain the items. The SLBA offers to it's churches items such as those listed below, on a first come first serve check-out basis.

  • Dodge 12 passenger van

  • Portable Baptistry

  • Event "Block Party" Trailer

  • Disaster Relief Equipment such as Feeding Unit, Tools and Recovery Unit, water purification, portable showers

Leadership and Education

  • Personal Leadership Training

  • "Lead Like Jesus" Ken Blanchard

  • "Building Powerful Leadership Teams" Next Level Leadership

  • "Six Thinking Hats" Edward DeBono

Fellowship and Encouragement:

  • Pastor/Staff Brown Bag Fellowship

  • Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Worship Service

  • Pastor/Staff Wives Luncheon

  • Pastor/Staff Family Cookout

  • Andy Hornbaker, Sr. Annual Golf Classic

  • Pastor/Staff/Spouse Annual Christmas Dinner

  • Associational Night of Prayer and Praise


Member churches each have representation on the Executive Board of the Salt Lake Baptist Association as well as representation to the Salt Lake Baptist Association Annual Meeting. This representation is an integral part of the leadership, direction, and success of the association. 

As a member of Salt Lake Baptist Association churches are expected to attend Executive Board Meetings and Annual Meetings as often as possible. The church should have officially elected representation to serve on the Executive Board and to vote at Annual Meetings as designated in the Constitution and By-Laws of the Salt Lake Baptist Association.

A member church is expected to contribute on a regular basis financially to the Salt Lake Baptist Association as is designated by the constitution and by-laws.

Each church is expected to complete an Annual Church Profile (ACP) each year.