Expanding the
Kingdom of God in Utah

Salt Lake Baptist Association


The Salt Lake Baptist Association sees a day when our communities are filled with disciples who worship the One True God and our Savior Jesus.

Our mission is to cooperate in strengthening churches to make disciples by:

  • Loving one another

  • Proclamation of the Gospel

  • Investing in leaders

  • Depending upon God

  • Investing in communities

The Gospel Advance Training Center

Research indicates that only 2.5% of Salt Lake area residents identify as evangelical Christians.  

In Utah county that figure is a shocking one half of one percent. These figures qualify Utah as an Unreached People Group, a term normally used in overseas settings.

However, we have hope in a powerful God—the one true God. We believe God sent us and is sending others to serve Him to bring the Gospel of hope and redemption to these highly moral but spiritually empty people.  We feel a sense of urgency. We need to act now. 

We are realigning our resources to advance God’s kingdom through a strategic focus on total gospel saturation. 

One key component is the Gospel Advance Training Center.